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Strategy Practice

Vision workshop

A custom designed workshop in which the top management and the board of your company deliberate on the business to develop a shared vision for the future.

Strategy assessment and development

It is easy to be swept aside by the forces of change if the business is not adequately prepared. Top management needs to invest quality time to understand their business, the forces shaping the industry, marketplace, supply chain and talent and reflect so as to architect the future of the business.

We utilize a unique methodology of Appreciative Inquiry, interviews, data analysis and workshops to help you craft the future of your business.

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Operations Practice

Operations Improvement Engagement

The fact is that profitability is more elusive than revenue growth. There could be many reasons such as:

  • Inefficient working capital management.
  • High interest costs.
  • Inconsistent quality.
  • High cost supply chain.
  • Missed deliveries and excess stocks.
  • Low employee morale.
  • Low customer satisfaction.

All the symptoms mentioned above point in just one direction – operational weaknesses

Our operations improvement engagement has laser sharp goals

  • Ensure order deliveries On Time and In Full (OTIF).
  • First Time Right (FTR).
  • Increase Free Cash Flow (FCF).
  • Increase Return on Investment (ROI).

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Organizational Transformation

Lean six sigma based organizational transformation

Transformational change brings about paradigm shifts in mindset and behavior starting with the topmost leader down to the most junior supervisor. It also requires a ‘burning platform’ for change and total commitment. Our transformation engagement starts by challenging and encouraging top leaders to think about seminal changes required for marketplace impact, developing the blueprint for successful change and handholding the organization as they make the exacting and emotionally demanding transformation journey.

An intense journey with one goal – provide value to customers.

  • How do we clearly describe the value we provide our customers?
  • How do we ensure that we are listening to our customers always?
  • What processes do we have and how aligned are they to the value which we desire to provide to customers?
  • What capabilities do we have and what capabilities do we need to build?
  • What are the desired behaviors in the organization for our value driven purpose and what behavioral change do we need to bring about?
  • How effective are our management systems and processes?
  • To what extent does our culture promote desired behaviors?
  • What cultural change do we need to bring about?

The outcome of the engagement is an organization which is way ahead of competition in customer and stakeholder impact.

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Leadership Development Practice

Balanced Scorecard Development and Deployment (BSDD)

“Tell me how you will measure me and I will tell you how I would behave” – Rational selfishness (as Ayn Rand calls it in Fountainhead) drives most behaviors. People try and ace what they are measured on. Organizations need to think through holistic measures which would drive the right behaviors now and in the future.

Our Balanced Scorecard Development and Deployment (BSDD) engagement focuses on deep diving into your strategy, understanding your key business processes, appreciating the disruptive forces in your world and evolving holistic measurement framework based on Balanced Scorecard principles.

A measurement framework development is just a journey begun. Deployment is where the value take-off is. Measures need to be commonly understood and agreed upon and the nuts and bolts of the measurement system need to be in place. Our BSDD engagement focuses on designing and deploying goals that align with strategy requirement and operational excellence.

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Information Risk Management Practice

One of the biggest risks that organizations face today is the risk related to information security. Two forces are at play – one force is the huge compliance requirements brought about by Acts such as the European GDPR and the Information Technology Act 2000. The other force pulling in the opposite direction is the risk of information security breaches posed by external and internal (within the organization) attackers. The cost of not complying and the cost of security breaches is leapfrogging every day, sometimes leading to business wipe outs.

Our information risk management practice helps you to navigate the above situation.

Information security audit and advisory

We develop a in-depth understanding of your information assets and set up an information risk management strategy based on the concept of protecting ‘crown jewels’. We then go on to install a system for information risk management drawing from standards such as ISO 27001, PCIDSS, COBIT, ITSL and NIST.

If you have an operational information risk management system, we review the suitability and adequacy of the current system and advise you on best-in-class risk management practices so as to align your information risk management strategy and systems to the current risks that the business is facing.

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