Smart operations can make a fashion statement in the fashion industry too – Operations Excellence journey of a glass packaging major.


  • Client was into glass packaging. A key business was glass packaging for the fragrance industry globally for marquee brands such as Burberry, Chanel and Clive Christian.
  • Business was unable to fulfill orders on time leading to low customer satisfaction, penalties and disproportionate logistics costs.
  • Business was of strategic importance both on account of being a highly profitable business and very high customer lifecycle value.

Project Objective

  • Exponentially reduce design to delivery cycle time and ensure on-time–delivery with no client site rejects.
Consulting intervention

  • Did a current state analysis using Appreciative Inquiry methodology.
  • Reviewed baseline and set project success metrics such as on-time –delivery-in-full (OTDIF)%, Rolled-Throughput Yield (RTY) %, Customer Satisfaction % (CSAT Score).
  • Created a consulting governance structure comprising Consulting project team, Relationship Single point of contact (Relationship SPOC), Steering committee and review mechanism.
  • Launched three quick hit projects to get low-hanging-fruits.
  • Created a compelling case for change with a strong communication initiative across the business.
  • Co-created a vision involving the entire organization using the LSIP process.
  • Launched improvement initiatives on identified mission critical processes.
  • Launched multiple projects to be led by leaders from the client team and mentored by the consultant team.
  • Used Six Sigma, Lean and TPM methodologies extensively.
  • Created capability in client team by training the entire organization on problem solving methodologies.
  • Ensured timely reviews, celebration of project milestones and creation of project townhalls.


  • On-Time –Delivery -In-Full (OTDIF) improved to 98% from 59% earlier.
  • The client became the provider of choice for all of the six editions launched by Chanel during the year.
  • Two new large global clients added.
  • The plant became a ‘visual factory’ with a strong ‘measure and manage’ culture.
  • Certain practices such as ‘Townhalls’ were introduced across many companies of the group by the corporate.